Santa Rosa needs #PoliceFreeSchools

The power to get police out of our schools lies in the Santa Rosa City Council, the City funds the officers. We need to get the City to fund Mental Health Professionals instead of Police in our schools.

Campaign to End SRO Program at SRCS

After my formal request on June 7th calling a vote to to end the partnership between the Santa Rosa Police Department’s School Resource Officers and the Santa Rosa City Schools secondary schools to be effective immediately; followed by our grassroots efforts, the SRCS board voted on June 24th to pause the School Resource Officer Program at all secondary schools and form an ad hoc committee to review the Santa Rosa City Schools / Santa Rosa Police Department Partnership to bring recommendations to the board for consideration in August 2020.

Below are the results of that petition campaign that ran for two weeks.

SRPD out of Santa Rosa City Schools

This petition is now closed.

End date: Jun 24, 2020

Signatures collected: 1399

Signature goal: 1000

1,399 signatures

Signature goal: 1000

Mental Health Professionals, Not Police, in our Schools

An open letter to the Santa Rosa City Council sent on July 13, 2020:

Systemic Racism, it’s why I’m calling for #PoliceFreeSchools in Santa Rosa

Read my post on why I’m calling to for an end to the partnership:

Reference Items:

We Came to Learn: A Call to Action for Police-Free Schools

Counselors, Not Cops: Ending the Regular Presence of Law Enforcement in Schools

Bullies in Blue: The Origins and Consequences of School Policing

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